Heartworm Prevention

Heart worm disease is a lot more serious than most people think. Did you know it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to give your dog heart worms? Not only that, but these heart worms can cause lung disease, heart failure, damage to other organs, and if left untreated, death. This is why we recommend all of our canine patients be kept on year round heart worm preventative. We also test all of our canine patients yearly to be sure there has not been a breach in their protection. 

We carry the following products for heart worm prevention:

Interceptor Plus - This product is a flavored chewable tablet that is given every 30 days to prevent heart worm disease in your dog. This product also helps prevent common intestinal parasites. Interceptor Plus can be started at 8 weeks of age. 

ProHeart6 - This product is an injectable heart worm preventative that lasts 6 months and also treats hookworm infection. The dosage for this product is determined by the patient's weight so we recommend waiting until a patient's weight has stabilized before using ProHeart6 (usually around 6 months). 

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